A note from the photographer:
I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. John Moores, owner of the San Diego Padres, for the gracious invitation he spontaneously extended to me and my granson to join his tour group on this day. I shall not forget his kindness.
The following images were shot September 12, 2003.

This cement foundation will support the Candy Factory, soon to be moved.

The Candy Factory has been lifted off its original foundation, and is ready for moving a few hundred feet to the east.

The Kvaas Construction building at 330 Eighth Ave. This building will remain in place, and will be used for retail space.

Edifice of Kvaas Construction building.

Panorama from the Batter’s Eye.

Scrolling panorama from the Batter’s Eye. The Bermuda Bluegrass, grown in Palm Desert, California, was installed during the first week of September.

The Padres’ bullpen.

Picnic Hill — a terraced dining area overlooking the bullpen and Left Field.

Palm Court Plaza now lives up to its name.

Construction materials in the Western Metal Supply Company building.

Entering Left Field from the service tunnel adjacent to the Western Metal Supply Company building.

Austin Bailey, the photographer's seven
year-old grandson, was given permission by
John Moores to play on the newly installed grass.

Scrolling panorama from along the Left Field foul line.

Tour participants walk on the warning track. Note the progress being made in installing seats on the Field Level.

The visitors' dugout. Note framework for bench has been mounted.

Leaving the visitors' dugout and going into the clubhouse.

Looking back to the dugout from the access tunnel.

One perspectve on the visitors' clubhouse.

Indoor pitching tunnel in the clubhouse complex. The pits at the far end are higher than in the foreground, to simulate a pitcher's mound.

Padres clubhouse complex photographs are published here with the permission of John Moores.


Two views of the Padres' circular clubhouse. The ceiling is in the form of a shallow rotunda, with excellent acoustics so the manager won't have to raise his voice to be heard during team meetings (unless, of course, he — um — wants to…)

Spa baths — two large, and one extra large — in the clubhouse complex.

Manager's office (The Bochy Place).

Manager's locker and shower areas.

Players' shower room.

Back out into the daylight, and the Padres' dugout.

Scrolling panorama of the field from behind Home Plate. Click here for an even larger view.