The following images were shot June 24, 2003.

Panorama from the batters' eye.

Scrolling panorama from the batters' eye. (use horizontal scroll bars)

Backside of scoreboard.

Palm Court Plaza.

Looking to the home dugout from inside the third floor of the Western Metal Supply Company.

Looking south out of the Western Metal Supply Company building into the Terrace Level councourse. (See this same view in March, 2004.)

Pedestrian bridge from Terrace Level concourse to Third Base Garden Building.

Press boxes.

Third Base Garden Building, pedestrian bridge, and grand stairway from Home Plate Plaza.

Escalators on Third Base Garden Building.

The view from my seats. The "X" roughly marks the location of home plate.

Scoreboard from my seats.

The photographer, at his seating location.

Third Base Garden Building.

East face of Omni Hotel.

Western Metal Supply Company, west-facing windows at left.

A preserved section of original wooden stairwell.

Right field foul pole.

Petco Park from the closed intersection of 12th Avenue and K Street.