The following images were shot May 5, 2003.

On May 5, 2003 the first seat was installed in the right field home run porch area of the Field Level seats  — section 125, row 21, seat 6 — near where the Right Field foul pole will stand.

The photographer takes his turn in Ceremonial Seat Number One. It is quite comfortable and, as promised, is angled toward Home Plate.

Old Glory and the original “Countdown…” banner hang in front of the press boxes.

The following images were shot May 25, 2003.

Panoramic shot, as seen from 7th and K Streets. Use your horizontal scroll bar to view from side to side.

Panoramic shot, as seen from 6th and K Streets.

The San Diego Trolley station closest to the ballpark is a block away, just a short walk past the Omni Hotel.

This shot is so beautiful, it resembles the artist's renderings of the proposed plans, but it is an actual view from the San Diego Convention Center to the west across Harbor Drive. We live in paradise…

My famous shot from the bridge on Harbor Drive. Same view April, 2002.

From 8th and J Streets. Sign at right is shown in detail below.

Monument sign which replaced "It's happening... It's happening here!" sign.

Two-frame panoramic shot from 9th and J Streets.

The following images were shot May 31, 2003.

From 10th and J Streets.

Two-frame shot from 10th and K Streets.

The cutouts have all been completed on the east face of the Western Metal Supply Co., and the cantilevered balconies are all in place. Also shown are the "batter's eye," and the scoreboard, sheathed for  painting.

The photographer, with friend, Larry Littlemeyer.